Photo by  Anna Henson , 2013.

Photo by Anna Henson, 2013.

Dear writer,

Do you love to serve people through what you do?

Are you smart, passionate, and also a little close to burnout?

Do you have a deep knowledge--an intuition--that the world needs a book that only you can write, a service only you can offer, or an idea that's yours alone?


I think you are right. And I want to help you get that book into the world. 

What if writing came easy?

You can do it with flow.

You can do it with support.

You can make that idea happen. It won't be easy, but it doesn't have to be hard.

I can feed your writing with equal parts analysis and intuition. 

Here's what you get if you work with me:

I have helped several dozens of people write difficult things they didn’t know they could write. Bringing new ideas into the world is, in all seriousness, my highest talent.

You will become a better writer. I will give you honest feedback every time that something isn’t working, and I will be honest when you are rocking it. You can trust that my guidance will help get your best message out to the people who need to know it.

Your ideas will get to where they need to go. I have a knack for knowing what you mean to say, seeing what blocks your ideas, and planning a way to get your writing to its best destination.

What would writing with flow feel like?

Breathe in. What sets you on fire with fierce passion? Don't expect to understand it in words; it could be an image, a feeling, a memory, a smell, a sound, or a touch.

That’s where the source of your book lies. When you write with that fire, your book gets done. That fire may not be your subject. It may have nothing to do with your final draft. But that fire has everything to do with the source that feeds your writing.

Get excited. I want to see your writing come into the world.  

Talk to you soon,