Art Every Day Month this November

I've decided to participate in Art Every Day Month (AEDM), something like a much calmer version of NaNoWriMo without novel writing. I'll be posting my pictures or documentation here throughout the month of November, along with regular blog content for CBC Editing readers.


You are welcome to join in with me! Writing counts, cooking counts, knitting counts, drawing, making jewelry, decorating ... whatever appeals to you. I plan on making some jewelry that I've meant to make for years, drawing, taking photos, and I may include some cooking if I can make something more creative than my usual bean and split pea stews.  I may repair some handmade ceramics of mine that have broken in to many pieces. I may frame some art. I may ... paint a mural on my staircase wall, because my landlord is very lax about such things. Who knows! I'm excited to just make more things with less attachment to the making. I easily get caught into making perfect things or creating a huge, too-detailed plan that holds me back from just making already.

Comment below and let me know if you plan to participate. I'd love to follow your blog posts or Flickr page to watch your progress.

 Here are the AEDM guidelines.

The rules (which were made for breaking):
I keep the rules for AEDM really simple and very loose. I encourage people to make something every day, but my goal is to foster more creativity, so if you make just one piece of art per week or just one for the whole month, that's fine with me. The idea is to bring more creativity into your life, not to make you feel overwhelmed, pressured or guilt-stricken. Art is also loosely defined here. I mean art in the sense of anything creative, whether that be painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, cooking, decorating, writing, photography, clay, jewelry-making or whatever!
Look at AEDM as a soft nudge to add more creativity to your everyday life with a bit of group support. It's the group support that makes it so lovely I think. Every year, I meet new, wonderfully creative people through the process, which was an unexpected, but amazing benefit! Because my focus is on mixed media art, I tend to work on drawing, painting, and collage and I challenge myself complete a piece of art or do some work on a larger piece every day and post an image of what I'm working on on my blog.
I keep a link to a list of bloggers participating this year in my sidebar, so that you can check in on what others are up to and I'll have a Mr. Linky widget posted daily where people can leave a link to their blog posts. I've also created a Flickr group where people could share their creations  (it's free and fairly easy to use.) You can join up with the flickr group hereand post your images there if you'd like to, although it's not required.