Tip of the Week: A Little Writing Music

I've been editing and suggesting revision strategies for a wonderful medical professional client this week, working on chapters that she is contributing to a book about one of her specialties. I love being knee-deep in someone else's brilliant ideas, especially when they're as paradigm-shifting as hers.

When I'm working hard like this, and writing so much (even in the form of feedback, it's still my ideas), I turn to music to help keep me on task. But I'm picky. Words don't help, and classical is sometimes too ... interesting. I get too into Mozart.

But I do have something that works. I love The Timeout Drawer and other wordless electronica. 

And when I'm proofreading citation pages, it's Nicky Minaj and other mindless top 40 dance music all the way, along with bowls of raw almonds and M&Ms.

What music gets you writing?