A Last-Minute Local's Guide to AWP in Seattle

Writers, publishers, the time is nigh! AWP 2014 begins TODAY. Look at the sunshine I got for you!

The most useful knowledge I can give you of my town is food and drink recommendations, and two things to do.


Within walking distance of the WA State Convention Center:

1. Coffee: I've heard good things about Caffe Ladro but haven't been. Same deal with Victrola, a walk up the hill--Victrola is next to many other things I'm going to recommend.

2. Alcohol: Pine Box has been heartily recommended as a bar. For fancy wine bar, I like Purple.

3. Lunch or dinner: 

     a. Lil' Woody's burgers and milkshakes are wonderful. Noah recommends getting the Big Woody with peanut butter. I recommend the milkshakes, because they are made with awesome local ice cream from Molly Moon's, and this is the closest Molly Moon's available near the convention center.

     b. Homegrown makes expensive, hipster sandwiches, and I recommend them both because they are delicious, they use lots of vegetables which you should load up on between beers at AWP, and they are very Seattle. Very local ingredients, know your source kind of eating, which is hard to find in downtown for less than $20 an entree.

     c. Taylor Shellfish Farms for the freshest seafood you will have in downtown, that you don't have to cook yourself, and you don't pay crazy money for. Oysters, crab, chowders. Very local.

4. Free things to look at: Seattle Central Library. It's beautiful. It's modern. It's free and quiet. Take the escalators all the way to the top. Check out the automated book sorter thing in the front lobby. Wander around the rare books on the top floor. Sit in the window-filled rooms.

Within a long, hilly walking distance:

1. Le Panier at Pike Place Market.

Skip the original Starbucks and go to Le Panier, where the croissants are all made with real butter, the bread is perfect, the macarons are great, and the coffee is good. The almond croissant is my favorite; the chocolate is second in line.

2. WA State Ferries to Bainbridge Island (35 min. trip to the island, 35 min. back, $7.85 per adult passenger (walk-on) round trip ticket). Here's the schedule.

You could potentially take the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge, get off the ship, get on 20 minutes later, and be back at the Seattle ferry dock all in 90 minutes. Bainbridge has a cute town to wander around, Winslow, but crossing Puget Sound is the main attraction. The views of the Sound, the islands, the city, and (if it's clear) the mountains are spectacular. Worth the eight bucks.

I'll be at the Cooper Dillon table each afternoon, so come say hi!