Why do I need a group coaching program to help me write my book? 

  • Is there a book inside you that you know you have to write?
  • Have you struggled to start or finish drafting your book? 
  • Does something keep preventing you from devoting time to your writing?

I get it. I bet you love the work you already do in your career. You love giving your time to family, friends, your community, your peers, and the people you teach or serve. And you have a deep knowledge--an intuition--that there is a book that only you can write, and that the world needs that book.  But you can't imagine stepping away from work and life to just ... write a book. To just sit by yourself, silently, and type.

You've probably already tried writing this book on your own. And it has been hard. Really hard. You may not know how to even structure an outline. Or how to craft your material for the audience that--you're certain--needs this book. And you may have no idea what steps to take in order to see your book in print, and then to get it into the hands of your audience.

I bet you still want that book to exist in the world. But without clear steps or strategy, how can your vibrant, important ideas possibly come into being? 

 If you can write 30 pages a month, then you can finish your book in a year. ONE YEAR = YOUR BOOK. It will be a little hectic, a little difficult, and very satisfying, rewarding, and even fun. 

Backstory of Book in a Year

 A pre-tenure assistant professor came to me in 2007 with a quandary: she had a book contract with an academic press and had agreed to write a draft of 90,000 words. She had nine months until her deadline. She had no words written.

I used my skills in book coaching and project management to help her set a writing schedule and stick to it. Along the way, I was so delighted to be investing my efforts into a project of such meaning and importance for her academic audience.

The end result was a book-length manuscript that was immediately accepted for publication by the press. And the idea of Book in a Year was born. 

What is Book in a Year? 

Book in a Year (BIAY) is the book group coaching program of Christine Bryant Cohen, the lead editor and founder of CBC Editing. 

Book in a Year Group Coaching

The BIAY Group is full of writers just like you, all finding the support they need through: 

  • Monthly group coaching calls with Christine, 1 hour each month
  • Access to a private Facebook group for sharing success, admitting hardship, and finding accountability for your writing goals
  • Exclusive biweekly email newsletters from Christine with encouragement, reality checks, and writing strategies
  • $149/month ($175 value--save 15%)

Book in a Year Group Coaching + Office Hours

Want all the benefits from the BIAY Group, AND monthly one-on-one book coaching with Christine? Here is what Christine offers to the BIAY Group + Office Hours:

  • The monthly group video chats, the private Facebook group, and exclusive email newsletters
  • AND a monthly, one-on-one, 60 min. video chat with Christine
  • $400/month ($500 value—save 20%)

Book in a Year Group Coaching + Extra Office Hours

Would you like even more one-on-one support AND one-on-one reviews of your writing by Christine? Here's what you get with BIAY Group + Extra Office Hours:

  • The monthly group video chats, the private Facebook group, and exclusive email newsletters
  • AND a monthly, one-on-one, 60 min. video chat with Christine
  • AND one-on-one reviews of your writing, up to 30 pages a month, with Christine
  • $750/month ($1,000 value—save 25%) 


January 2014 to December 2014. Registration will close Friday, December 6, 2013. 


Online! Listen in to group coaching calls online; check in with our private Facebook group online; and soak up Christine's newsletters via email. Stay in your pajamas, and learn to write your book in a year at the same time.

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