Creative Consulting Services

Christine provides a spectrum of concierge services for small businesses, artists, and writers in several fields. Contact her to have a free 30 min. chat about what may be best for you.

Her creative consulting services are:

  • coaching
  • product development
  • project management

Additionally, Christine often provides her own writing or editing services along with her creative consulting and coaching sessions. She has also referred her clients to other vendors, such as photographers and video artists, and to other applications, such as web design software, register management software, project management software, and webinar service providers.

Rates for creative consulting services are $125/hour, delivered as one-on-one meetings that focus on coaching, product development, or project management.

Discounted rates are available when clients contract for multiple meetings (i.e., four or eight meetings) or multiple services (i.e., consulting and writing or editing).


Here's an example of how Christine might work with you in a coaching session:

  1. Meet to discuss what new or revised brand, service, or product (or dream offering) you want to bring into the world.
  2. Investigate your motivation and vision for this offering, and make that vision the center of whatever comes next.
  3. Map out who would benefit from your offering, and plan ways to let them know that what they're looking for is what you're offering.
  4. Detail the action steps that are necessary to bring your offering into the real world.
  5. Hold you accountable to completing those steps.
  6. Discuss how you are doing, emotionally, as you encounter road blocks and new demands on your time as your offering comes into being.
  7. Evaluate with you how the result matches the dream, providing input about how to revise the offering itself, the marketing plan, the price point, or whatever may be not matching up to the original vision.
  8. Continue to consult with you as you build more products, services, publications, and variety into your business.

Product Development

Christine combines her analytical and intuitive skills to partner with you in creating or refining your small business. She has worked with business owners, from healthcare providers to artists, on projects such as:

  • New business ventures.
  • Expansion of existing business service.
  • Packaging and repackaging of existing business services.
  • Brand development from scratch.
  • Brand development for a new audience.
  • Rebranding and renaming existing products or services.

Project Management

A few examples of project management that Christine has provided for previous clients include:

  • Streamlining processes to increase efficiency while maintaining client satisfaction.
  • Organizing and leading meetings directly with clients and with senior-level and lower-level employees.
  • Accurately forecasting budgets and identifying realistic deadlines based on documented production capacity over time.
  • Partnering with a client's existing staff to execute plans for new products and services.

Content Development, Copywriting, and Ghostwriting

Christine has consulted with writers to develop a variety of content, such as:

  • resumes
  • curriculum vitae
  • product launches
  • professional presentations
  • product pitches
  • website copy
  • newsletters
  • instructional manuals

and copywriting, such as:

  • marketing campaigns
  • product descriptions
  • biographical copy (bios) for artists and small business owners

Additionally, she has provided ghostwriting services for the following types of projects:

  • social media for businesses
  • non-technical medical writing
  • technical medical writing

What does Christine charge for content development, copywriting, and ghostwriting?

  • $0.75/word
  • $125/hour for planning meetings, research, and any additional meetings
  • Flat fees for projects are available.
  • Rates may vary based on the audience and technical level of the writing.