Editorial Services

Christine Bryant Cohen is an editor and writer with more than 10 years of project experience from concept to publication. Gifted, creative, and client-focused, with an expert ability to deliver a wide variety of innovative and detail-oriented editorial services.

Editorial Consulting and Book Coaching

Christine brings her 10 years of expertise as an editor, her award-winning teaching experience, and her startling enthusiasm to your unique writing project. She has worked with writers across the humanities and sciences, developing publication strategy, finding ways to blast through roadblocks in the writing process, and honing in on a writer's unique message. Schedule a chat with her to talk about how she can help you.

  • $125/hour one-on-one with Christine
  • Christine will meet in-person, over phone, or over video chat

Developmental Editing

Christine provides detailed analysis combined with creative, innovative revision strategy for drafts early in the writing process.

  • First, you will meet with Christine, in a 30-minute video chat or in-person meeting, and discuss the goal of your writing project, your intended audience, and your main concerns with your draft.
  • Then, you provide Christine with your draft, in whatever stage it may be. Christine will read each line and paragraph carefully and thoroughly, leaving comments in the text as needed via Microsoft Word's Comment function.
  • Finally, Christine will share her in-depth review of your writing in a one-hour video chat or in-person meeting, where you'll discuss revision strategy and make a plan for how you'll proceed with your project.
  • Christine's rate for developmental editing, including the 1.5 hours of one-on-one meeting, are $0.13/word.
  • Additionally, as you revise your project, it may be helpful for you to follow up with Christine in one-on-one meetings. Her rate for any follow-up meetings is $125/hour.

Copy Editing

Work with Christine's team of hand-picked, trusted, amazing copy editors. For a free, 30-minute video chat about what we can offer you, contact us about your unique project.

What is copy editing?

  • The correction of errors in grammar, spelling, and sentence-level clarity.
  • The adherence to whatever style guide used for that project's publication or audience (e.g., APA, Chicago, MLA, or any journal-specific or university-specific style guide).
  • The application of stylistic consistency (i.e., using italics for key words, spelling out acronyms the first time they appear, etc.).
  • Copy editing is the best way to ensure that your project is ready for publication or submission in any venue.

What rates does CBC Editing charge for copy editing?

  • $0.03/word ($8/page, where 1 page = 250 words) for editing non-technical subject matter (i.e., humanities texts, marketing copy, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry) 

  • $0.04/word ($10/page, where 1 page = 250 words) for editing technical subject matter (i.e., scientific articles, medical writing, and documents which include equations) 
  • $0.05/word ($12/page, where 1 page = 250 words) for editing projects written in English as a second language
  • $0.07/word ($18/page, where 1 page = 250 words) for Works Cited and reference lists 


Writing Services

Content Development, Copywriting, and Ghostwriting

Christine has consulted with writers to develop a variety of content, such as:

  • resumes
  • curriculum vitae
  • product launches
  • professional presentations
  • product pitches
  • website copy
  • newsletters
  • instructional manuals

and copywriting, such as:

  • marketing campaigns
  • product descriptions
  • biographical copy (bios) for artists and small business owners

Additionally, she has provided ghostwriting services for the following types of projects:

  • social media for businesses
  • non-technical medical writing
  • technical medical writing

What does Christine charge for content development, copywriting, and ghostwriting?

  • $0.75/word
  • $125/hour for planning meetings, research, and any additional meetings
  • Flat fees for projects are available.
  • Rates may vary based on the audience and technical level of the writing.

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